Professional Device Maintenance

It's all about the hardware



QMOSS can support your business with technical pre-sales support. We will relieve your sales team from the stress of technical questions, so they can focus their energy on their core competence; selling your products. With our technical knowledge and experience, we offer the following pre sales services:

  • Helpdesk
  • Technical demonstrations
  • Warranty

    In close cooperation with manufacturers and vendors we offer in-warranty repair services. Based on the direct access to resources from the original mannufacturer, our team is authorized to repair devices within the original manufacturer warranty.

    Everything is in place to help you achieve higher customer satisfaction, with our:

  • European based warranty repair centre
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Transparent reporting
  • Hot swap equipment
  • Hardware, software and systems support
  • ESD safe storageroom
  • Maintenance and repair

    Our highly skilled and professional engineers are continuously trained to perform repairs and maintenance, whether pre-emptive or remedial. This will reduce the workload on your technical staff and greatly reduce shipping cost and transit times. Our work can be contracted or ad-hoc, depending on customer wishes and demands.

    Transparency and customer information is paramount, so we offer;

  • Repair portal with 24/7 access
  • Wide range of supported technologies and systems
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Depot and bench repairs
  • Roll-out

    Our service location provides an extensive ESD safe space with enough room to deploy up to 1000 devices in a week. We have proven ability to deploy devices with different types of software like:

  • Windows
  • Windows Mobile
  • Android
  • iOS
  • OS X
  • Linux
  • With our space and expertise you will able to deploy all devices without having to deal with extra staff or hiring a space to prepare the devices.


    Our highly trained, professional engineers combined with our extensive ESD safe space and various technical equipment, enables us to assemble all kinds of electronic devices.

    In our experience companies do not want to invest in expensive materials, spaces and specialized staff to assemble electronics devices. We offer tailored solutions, supporting your business to increase profitability

    Repair Portal

    Our repair portal is custom-designed to be user friendly and can be accessed 24/7. All activities are captured and transparently presented to our customers.


  • Follow your repair status any time of the day
  • Automatic creation of reports
  • Easily accessible quotations and easy approval process
  • About Us

    QMOSS B.V. is a Dutch after sales company located at Breda International Airport. Specializing in support and control of advanced mobile solutions, we help companies develop, deploy and manage their mobile IT solutions within a varied client base.

    In 2014 we proudly announced our partnership with M3 Mobile as an official Authorized Repair Center

    As of 2015 we have officially gained the status of Authorized Service Partner for Bluebird Inc.


    Official M3 Mobile European service partner

    January 1st 2014

    As of 2014 we are proud to announce our status as the official European service center for M3 Mobile.

    Here is a quote from M3: As the most important system in all creatures to maintain vitality, one can say it is fast and accurate communications and share of information between cells, So that the body can detect and react to both internal and external environment changes. It should not be a unilateral orders not bi-directional communications. Such communication will keep the entire organization healthy. Like the cells in a healthy body, each member of M3 is communication experts.

    Official Bluebird Authorized service center

    August 18, 2015

    We are proud to announce our partnership with Bluebird as we have gained the status of official European Service Partner

    Here is a quote from Bluebird: You can find Bluebird, among global manufacturers of handheld mobile devices, uniquely positioned to serve customers in both enterprise mobility (AIDC) and payment industries. From a shop around the corner to the Fortune 500 companies, a nd from a police officer on the street to a secure government agency, Bluebird has an extensive customer base. We are proud that our customers rely on our conceptual innovations and experiences built upon our long history. By listening to voice of markets, we are able to deliver rich opportunities for our channel partners and best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and flexible solutions for customers with right products and right services. Our handheld mobile solutions are available through 600 channel partners around the world. We, Bluebird, designer and producer of Pidion handheld mobiles, have headquarters in Seoul, Korea and operate corporate offices in North America and Asia.